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Issue 3

Tyler, The Creator — Yoon Ambush — Pam Hogg — Patrick Beach — Stephen Eichhorn— Kenneth Cappello — Jean JullienGarfield — Jon Gorrigan — Anton Belov — Amur Tigers — Monika Mogi — Masha Mel — Elisa Nalin and many more.

Issue 3 of PUSS PUSS brings you lots of kitty content (especially of the ginger variety) such as an interview with the original grumpy cat, Garfield; we talk cats and fast cars with Tyler, The Creator; discuss personal style with Yoon Ambush and get a personal introduction to her cats; the queen of the catsuit, Pam Hogg tells us about her love of Sphynx cats and her hands-on approach to fashion; the globetrotting yogi Patrick Beach teaches us the art of the cat pose; Stephen Eichhorn creates an exclusive series of new cat collages; we meet the head of Moscow’s Garage Gallery, Anton Belov and the museum’s mascot, Garage Cat; Jon Gorrigan shoots a ginger gang headed by our very own Garfield look-alike, Cosmo; Jane Fulcher explores William S. Burroughs’s The Cat Inside memoirs; we discover the magnificent Amur Tiger and much more.

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