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Issue 1 – Digital Edition

Ai Weiwei — Anja Konstantinova — Celia Hammond — Jean Jullien — Jon Gorrigan — Karen Guthrie — Liam Sparkes — Nina Pope — Rasha Kahil — Vicki Murdoch and more.

The launch issue of PUSS PUSS features some amazing content from cat lovers from around the world: an exclusive interview with artist and activist Ai Weiwei whom we met in Beijing at his compound where he lives with his 30-ish cats, a fashion story shot by Jon Gorrigan featuring Anja Konstantinova who famously has several cat inspired tattoos including the word ‘MEOW’ tattooed on the inside of her lip as seen on the cover, an essay on celebrity cats by Gemma Lacey with illustrations by artist Jean Jullien, several London creatives photographed with their cats by Rasha Kahil, including Vogue UK creative director Jaime Perlman, artists Robert Montgomery and Lucy Newman, artist and creative director of Multistorey Agency Harry Woodrow and several others; an interview with Vicki Murdoch of Silken Favours who designs gorgeous cat motifs that are printed on silk scarves and cushions, an interview with fashion model turned animal rights activist Celia Hammond, a story on the tattoo artist Liam Sparkes, an essay on the history of leopard print by Ilaria Alber-Glanstaetten, an interview with Katen Povey of The Clouded Leopard project and more.

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