• photocat

Published by Schilt Publishing & edited by Sacha de Boer, this is not just another book featuring these magnificent creatures, but a cat book like you’ve never seen before, filled with stunning photography by exceptional photographers. Together with Sacha de Boer – chief editor of this book, Dutch photographer, journalist, TV presenter and of course first and foremost a huge cat lover – the most inspiring photographic submissions were chosen to be featured. Renowned photographers featured in this book include Arthur Bondar, Machiel Botman, Rena Effendi, Anneke Hilhorst, Jason Houge, Martin Parr, Elliot Ross, Pentti Sammallahti, Pavel Smertin and Jindrich Štreit, to name just a few.

21 x 26 cm
104 pages with 81 photos in full colour and duotone