Reclaim Your Life

Behind the scenes photos by
Mariana Lobos

As they release their new EP Reclaim Your Life, we catch up with Delilah Holliday from punk band Skinny Girl Diet (who we featured in issue 2) to talk girl power, violence and the music video to single Silver Spoonsdirected by Matt Robinson of PUSS PUSS Magazine.

Can you please tell us about your new EP?
It’s called Reclaim Your Life and is about becoming yourself again after having struggles, reclaiming your life and overcoming being brainwashed by society.
What was the inspiration behind it?
Well, we often make music from personal experiences. We all had to overcome a lot this year and that was the inspiration, coming out from the other side.
Please tell us about your single, Silver Spoons?
Silver Spoons is a song about being working class and trying to aspire to something more than a cashier job at Morrisons supermarket or working at a shitty bar where your shift ends at 6am and they fire you for being dedicated to your band. It’s also about wishing that I had a trust fund and how the whole world revolves around money. Some of the lyrics I wrote were inspired by 1984, the novel by George Orwell and noticing all the different CCTV cameras around London, being paranoid about the news and what the media constantly drills into your head. Ursula, our drummer, wrote the lyrics about the government being unaffected by issues that really matter, like police corruption, which is sang in the intro.
The video shows you as a girl gang helping other girls in need, do you feel a bit like that in real life with your music?
Well, I guess in a sense… We aren’t trying to help anybody or be dictators. We just want to share our personal experiences and hope people will relate to them. But hey, if people want us to help them, we can do that as well.
It also has a strong feminist and political message as all the offenders in it are men that suppress women, is this how you feel the world is operating today?
I was assaulted recently and it makes you feel so hopeless and nobody takes you seriously. It opened my eyes up a bit more to all the different types of abuse women go through and we wanted to switch up the gender roles and see how offended people get. There’s always the argument of how violence isn’t right no matter what gender and it won’t solve anything, but bollocks to that. When male violence towards women stops, maybe that argument with be relevant.
What advice would you give to girls starting a band?
Just do it and don’t give up
The girls in your gang look pretty fierce, how important is fashion to you?
It’s irrelevant to us, we respect it but we aren’t a fashion band and it’s nothing to do with us.
There seem to be a lot of young female designers around at the moment, do you have any favourites?
Claire Barrow, Ashley Williams
Anything else you would like to add?
There is no such thing as a ‘weaker sex’, we’re all equal.