Interiors Inspiration with Reese Blutstein

Words: Anna Ferrick

There’s no denying Reese Blustein has impeccable taste. Her carefully curated Instagram boasts almost 250,000 followers who scroll, swipe and tap to see what Reese and her equally fashionable friends are wearing on a daily basis. So it should come as little surprise that the Atlanta-based 22-year-old has turned her eye for aesthetics to the world of interiors. After recently moving into her own home, Reese has spent hours working out exactly what she does and doesn’t like when it comes to furniture and decor – and has happily shared the journey with her many fans. Here she’s handpicked some of her favourite homewares.


“I really love having vases around my house to fill with flowers year round because if you’re in a seasonal depression in the winter it always adds something a little bit happier and having a really pretty vase to put them makes it that much better.”


“I always enjoy finding pieces that can stand on their own and add something to a credenza or shelf without having to go overboard.”


“I love this shell vase! It’s something that could go along with your other favourite trinkets and you can also put flowers in it which is always a plus to me!”



“This Entler floor lamp is definitely an investment piece but it’s something that is super unique and you would rarely run into other people who have the same one. I love pieces that kind of make a room but are really simple and practical.”


“Cold Picnic is one of my favourite places to buy rugs from because they’re really well made and always have a unique design that adds something interesting to a room. Also, the owners of the company are super cool and I love supporting them.”


“This couch is based off of a simple wooden bench but with a cozy twist that you would want to keep in your house. The arm rests come out like pillows which is my favorite part because who doesn’t love taking a quick nap on the couch.”


“I like using French presses because they are waste free you don’t have to use any type of filter and then the glass being amber just makes it so that you can keep it out and show it off.”


“Back to my vase obsession, this designer makes my favourite vases because you don’t even need to put any flowers in them for it to look cool while sitting on your coffee table or dining room table.”


“I definitely buy way too many lamps but you just cant have too many, they always make a space more cozy and this one is one of my favourites.”


” Adding art to a house is something that always makes a space more personal and this Marleigh Culver piece is really pretty and adds a lot of color if you have simple white walls.”

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