Rimowa Celebrates Pride

Travel is probably one of the things we have missed the most during the last year, it not only allows for a navigation of new cultures, but is an important method of self-discovery that enables us to re-evaluate, reflect and grow, free from the conforms of our day-to-day lives. This Pride month, RIMOWA collaborated with three queer artists from around the world to explore how travel is synonymous with explorations of queer sexuality. Each artist was given complete creative freedom to explore this concept using their varying specialisms. New York based photographer Lissa Rivera ‘s  appreciation of vernacular photography materialised as a collection of LGBTQ archive shots of the queer community, despite the shots appearing joyful, they also pay homage to a less accepting time. Chinese artist Huang Jiaqi’s documentative approach offers candid insights into the closeness of a young queer couple on a trip, laying in the grass and visiting museums together. Spanish artist Gerardo Vizmanos’ sensitive crops of the male form explore travel in relation to a couple being parted in a deeply personal series. The photographs allow for a multi-faceted exploration of the freedom and self-growth that travel allows.