Rose Hermès – Poetry in Pink

Whatever the house of Hermès does is nothing short of perfection: whether it’s ready-to-wear, the famed Birkin or fashion shows (remember those?), there are not many other brands with this level of attention to detail, and the brand’s beauty line, initially releasing the stunning Rouge Hermès range of lipsticks, is not en exception. The newest addition is Rose Hermès, composed of eight shades of Rose Hermès Silky Blush, two brushes, a Pommette blush case and three rosy lip enhancers.

“Daybreak: and the rosy-tinted fingers of dawn crept up the sky.” — Homer, The Odyssey

It’s not every day that a beauty range is introduced by a quote from Homer’s Odyssey that perfectly encapsulates the mood of the collection and the poetic story of the shades told with the objects in the Émile Hermès museum: it’s the colour that lines the interior of a model of a carriage from the Romantic era with the sweet name of dormeuse, or sleeper, it is both the parasol whip of French Empress Eugénie and the mauve interior of her hunting cartridge belt in Russia leather. In the 1930s, it is the aura of a Douceur coat and the colourful insolence of a Riviera blouse. In the spring of 1961, the Azalée woollen suit took on a distinctive pink colour, and Hermès pink was born. Displayed in store windows, its immediate success made it famous. During the 1980s, pink took on an intense palette of colours as silken as the Hermès scarves they embellished, from La Fabrique des Rubans to Théâtre d’ombres. Transfigured by wanderlust, pink became increasingly nomadic, from the magentas of Las Coloradas in Mexico to the fiery pinks of Bengal.
The textures also take their inspiration from Hermès classics: the texture of the bush resembles the sheer texture of silk, according Jérôme Touron, Creative Director of Hermès Beauty, ‘There is an analogy of material between powder and silk. They offer the same delicacy, the same softness, the same radiance.’ Designed by Pierre Hardy, the case is also a beautiful and sustainable object that is refilled by simply removing and replacing the powder pan.
The Rosy Lip Enhancer is inspired by the feel of Butler calfskin, often used for bags in natural shades. With its delicate waxy finish it is echoing another living legacy from the Hermès leather workshops: that of the warm, kneaded beeswax used by leather artisans to coat and protect their linen threads prior to saddle stitching. With Raspberry seed oil and sesamin-based nutrients, it leaves a hydrating, nourishing yet light, imperceptible film on the lips.
With such a rich history and archive, we’re excited for more to come from Hermès Beauty!