ROWSE – by Nuria Val & Gabriela Salord

April Ru Wan
Nuria Val

Born under the quest for truth, ROWSE was founded by Nuria Val and Gabriela Salord. They share a commitment to producing toxic-free products for the planet and its inhabitants. Nuria, a traveler at heart, took ROWSE to Iceland for their first campaign of 2024, capturing the essence of their products in their natural habitat. The concept of clean beauty is familiar to many, but ROWSE stands out due to their unwavering commitment to truth at every step of the process. The founders place a high value on authenticity in creating and marketing their products. Gabriela emphasizes the importance of customer feedback in the growth of ROWSE. The brand has opened several channels for customers to share their reviews, fostering a strong digital communication between the brand and its consumers. Additionally, ROWSE hosts a group of beta testers, including top customers, to trial the products before launch. The products are 100% toxin-free, cold-pressed, locally sourced, and their packaging is made using 100% recycled materials. This year is set to be an exciting one for the brand, with plans to launch a boutique in Madrid, an amenities line tailored for hotels, and immersive experiences for consumers. Scroll through our interview below to discover their initial meeting in Paris, Nuria’s eco-friendly traveling tips, and what’s next for the ROWSE universe.

  1. April Wan: Rowse Beauty is deeply committed to the ‘beauty of truth’. Could you both share some insights into the thoughtful steps you’ve taken in product creation and marketing to embody this ethos?
    Gabriela Salord: ROWSE was born as our own personal quest for truth. In a world saturated with blurred information, we were tired to expose ourselves every day to products that often promise what they are not and fail to deliver. So we set on a mission to eliminate toxins and promote a genuine, clean lifestyle. Our approach is simple yet effective, utilizing plant-based, toxic-free ingredients. In terms of steps, I’d say we have: 
  • – Ensured our products are crafted with 100% toxic-free, plant-based, and high quality biodegradable ingredients.
  • – Focused on sourcing our ingredients local producers and manufacturing them in Spain, aligning with our commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • – Adopted cold-processed formulations to not only enhance product quality but also contribute to decreased energy consumption, reduced carbon footprint, and cost savings.
  • – Embraced eco-conscious packaging, with 90% of it being recyclable glass and the remaining 10% (including lids, pumps, and droppers) made from recyclable plastic.
  • – Actively involved and valued our community, fostering collaboration and shared values. This engagement aims to educate about the harm of toxic ingredients, create a sense of belonging, and collectively make a positive impact.
  1. AW: When you both met in Paris, there must have been a spark that drew you together as partners for Rowse Beauty. Can you share what that connection was and how it has shaped your partnership?
    GS: When we met in Paris, a magnetic connection sparked our partnership for ROWSE. It wasn’t just a chemical attraction; it was an instinctual alignment of our passion for plants and a commitment to respecting nature’s gifts. Our love for confronting challenges and our complementary skills have been the driving forces shaping our partnership. Founded on mutual respect, shared values, and a deep appreciation for the beauty of truth, we’ve transformed our vision into the reality of ROWSE.
AW: The imagery from your Iceland campaign beautifully captures Rowse Beauty’s products amidst stunning natural landscapes. What inspired this campaign, and why did you choose Iceland as the backdrop?
Nuria Val: Iceland is one of my favourite places on earth. I visited Iceland for the first time almost 10 years ago and it became my absolute source of inspiration to create ROWSE and also my work as a creative. It was a dream for me to take ROWSE to Iceland and make it part of our first campaign of 2024. Our mission is to connect people to the planet through the power of plants so this is what we aim with this campaign.
AW: Looking ahead, what exciting developments can we expect from the Rowse universe? Are there plans to extend beyond beauty into other sectors?
GS: Yes! Next year we’ll be unfolding exciting developments that go beyond the realm of beauty. ROWSE is so much more than a natural beauty brand; it’s a lifestyle, granting us the freedom to explore diverse avenues. To further enhance our connection with our community, we’re thrilled to announce the opening of a boutique in Madrid. Additionally, in the coming year, anticipate the launch of an amenities line tailored for hotels, as well as immersive experiences like retreats and workshops. These initiatives align with our commitment to providing a holistic and enriching lifestyle beyond conventional beauty products.
AW: Sustainability clearly plays a pivotal role in both your lifestyle and Rowse Beauty. How do you weave sustainable practices into your travel habits, and how does this reflect in Rowse’s philosophy?
NV: I think that travelling sustainably involves making choices that minimise your environmental and social impact while still allowing you to explore and enjoy new destinations. I always try to choose places for accommodations that have eco-friendly practices, and using public transportation is also important. I always recommend deeply respecting cultures and supporting local businesses. I think is also important to be informed about the environmental and social issues affecting the places you would like to visit, this knowledge will help you make better decisions about where and when is the best time to go!
This mindset reflects on every step we take at ROWSE. The way we develop products and the way we care about our ingredients and our producers is key for us. We only use natural ingredients that help to preserve nature and traditions instead of looking for synthetic options. We are always open and investigating ways to keep doing things right.
AW:Are there any places you haven’t yet explored that are on your travel list? What draws you to these destinations?
NV: A lot of places! I have an ongoing project about photographing active volcanoes around the world that I would love to continue shooting. Hawaii is on my top list! 
AW: Having a background in marketing within the cosmetics sector, you’ve seen firsthand the challenges of ‘greenwashing’. Rowse Beauty stands out with its authentic and raw imagery. Could you describe your approach to ensuring authenticity in every campaign and product launch?
GS: Our commitment to authenticity is at the core of every campaign and product launch. We focus on presenting genuine, raw imagery that authentically mirrors our brand values. Transparency is paramount — we choose real-life models and ensure that our messaging aligns truthfully with the quality and ethos of our products. Whether it’s sharing ingredient-sourcing stories or offering behind-the-scenes glimpses, our goal is to build trust through authenticity, avoiding any misleading tactics commonly associated with greenwashing in the industry.
AW: Customer feedback is invaluable in shaping a brand’s journey. How significant is this feedback for Rowse Beauty, and could you share an example where customer insights directly influenced your product line or strategy?
GS: Customer feedback is absolutely pivotal in steering the trajectory of ROWSE. We’ve built a robust feedback loop by actively listening to our community through various channels, including emails, social media interactions, events, and pop-ups. Running surveys allows us to delve into specific preferences and needs. Importantly, we don’t just hear; we act. Our unique approach involves a dedicated group of beta testers—our top customers. They provide real, hands-on feedback on products before launch, allowing us to co-create with them. This collaborative process ensures that we only introduce products that our community genuinely desires, making this direct engagement the most effective tool in shaping our product line and strategy.