Saint Laurent: Self – the watch list

Cordelia Speed
  1. A celebration of self-expression sans censure, Anthony Vaccarello’s Self series invites us to lose ourselves in an exploration of the diverse personalities that make up the Saint Laurent attitude and identity. By fusing the creative visions of a hand-picked group of accomplished photographers, artists and filmmakers, Vaccarello captures the very essence of self-confidence, individuality and diversity, values which are intrinsic to the ethos of Saint Laurent. This provocative series encourages the viewer to fully immerse themselves and to become empowered through an artistic discovery and declaration of the various dimensions of the self. With the creative mastermind Anthony Vaccarello at the helm, as we have come to expect from maison Saint Laurent, the project also conveys a heady contemporary mix of attraction and mystery. The series so far includes projects in collaboration with such masters of their craft as Wong Kar WaiGaspar Noé, Bret Easton Ellis, Vanessa Beecroft & Daido Moriyama.

  2. Watch the whole series here