Stay Homo with Róisín Murphy

Cordelia Speed
  1. Allow yourself to become transported into a psychedelic world of glitz, glam and some truly iconic dance moves, through the masterpiece that is Róisín Murphy’s ‘Live @ Home’ series. The singer-songwriter and record producer renowned for her idiosyncratic style and unmatched creativity has put together these unmissable performance videos for the Manchester club night Homoelectric’s Stay Homo 12-hour livestream. “I’ve spent the last six weeks mainly in my ex-boyfriend’s grey towelling dressing gown so I jumped at the chance to play dress up. And I would do anything for Luke, Homoelectric is part of my DNA, I’ve had so many good nights out in Manchester at his parties.” With the artistic input of her partner Sebastiano Properzi and her L.D. Tom Schofield, Róisín gives us an intoxicating heady mix set of true live performances all from her living room: “They’re not pop videos, these are true live performances. With my partner Sebastiano Properzi and Tom we rigged lighting in the room and created a green screen effect, all the lighting and effects were being triggered live along with my live performance and vocal. This is what feels exciting.” Destined to become a timeless classic, Róisín’s electropop fantasy uplifts and inspires us to get up and boogie at our very own home disco.

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