The Black Stripes

Mariana Bassani

Once found throughout the Russian Far East, northern China and the Korean peninsula, in the 20th century Amur tigers were driven to the brink of extinction. They were saved when Russia became the first country to grant the tiger full protection. We met Andrey Shorshin from the Amur Tiger Center to talk about what the future brings for the biggest cat species in the world.

Hi Andrey, can you please introduce us to the magnificent Amur tiger?
AS: Mariana, you are right – Amur tiger, or Siberian tiger as it’s often called, is truly a magnificent animal. It’s the biggest and one of rarest cat species in the world. He is also the only tiger that can live in the snow. The Amur tiger stands on the top of the ecological pyramid of the Far East and is the indicator of the condition and well-being of the whole region.

How does the Amur Tiger Center work and what are its objectives?
AS: The Amur Tiger Center has two main goals: to increase the tiger population to 700 species by 2022 and to set a harmony between people and tigers in Russia, to demonstrate that people and animals, even such big predators, can live next to each other peacefully and without conflicts. To reach these goals we try to unite all individuals and organizations concerned with the preservation of the unique Amur tiger.

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