Emma Chrichton
Flora Huddart
Makeup & Hair:
Samantha Falcone & Sophie Jane Anderson

Looking to their Scottish heritage for this story, hair stylist Sophie Jane Anderson and photographer Emma Crichton were inspired by Perthshire born Effie Gray and the Scottish Pre-Raphaelites. This story is a contemporary take on the 1860s movement. Considered ‘real women’, the Pre-Raphaelite women were a defining feature of the movement, depicted as tall, strong and sexually empowered. Which is reflected in this casting of strong individual and unusually beautiful humans. The idea of this story is to reflect the modern day equivalent of this reactionary group. Taking style inspiration from this era and mixing it with the latest youth culture. Using both male and female models to interpret the current representation of women. Working real hair looks along with wigs and hair pieces taking inspiration from paintings from the Pre-Raphaelite era. Shot on location in Hackney, on the street and in studio.

Vivienne Westwood corset dress, COS top, Ashley Williams knitted socks

Coach dress, Preen bomber jacket, Dorateymur shoes

Gucci green trousers + jacket, Martine Rose t-shirt, Dior white trainers, jewels are models own

Bottega Veneta yellow rib jumper, Marco de Vincenol sparkly bra, Le Kilt pleated skirt, Dorat Eymur orange heels

Ashish shirt, Pringle of Scotland jumper, Le Kilt skirt, Louis Vuitton boots, Ashley Williams socks, MM6 earrings

Bottega Veneta jumper, Marco de Vincenol bra, Le Kilt pleated skirt, Dorateymur heels

Ashley Williams knitted cardigan, Le Kilt pleated skirt, Dorateymur heeled shoes

Christian Dior shirt, trousers & shoes, COS top

Givenchy shoes, shirt & jeans, COS turtleneck

Christian Dior shirt & dress, Ashley Williams socks, Dorateymur heels

Ashley Williams knitted cardigan, Le Kilt pleated skirt, Dorateymur heeled shoes, American Apparel leotard

Photography: Emma Crichton
Styling: Flora Huddart
Makeup: Samantha Falcone
Hair: Sophie Jane Anderson
Model: Ersom Esme Nassia
Hair Assistants: Harriet Beidleman & Sherisse Grant-Bucknor
Video: White Dog Studio
Casting: Troy Casting
Set Design: Olivia Bennett
Set Runner: Scott Paul Green
Producer: Carmel Dione Reeves at 1888 Production
Lighting: Blundell Studio