We Are One of the Same by Joshua Woods & Bianca Saunders

Donna Salek
Designer Bianca Saunders, photographer Joshua Woods, stylist Matt Holmes and writer Jess Cole have collaborated to create a new zine coinciding with London Fashion Week. Titled We Are One of the Same, the publication explores themes of identity, community and finding common ground – concepts that are central to Saunders’ approach to design.
Despite being conceptualised last year, the zine has launched at an incredibly poignant time. It takes an in-depth look into human connections, reiterating that the things that bind us are far greater than the ones which divide us.
In a recent panel discussion on SHOWstudio chaired by Bella Gladman, Saunders, Cole and Woods further discussed the zine and their collaborative process in creating it.
“Joshua’s work is almost like a documentary style, he really understands the person behind the lens and finds a connection,” Saunders comments. “And my work is based around gender, connection and finding the balance between similarities, which is how the idea of twins came about.”
The twins Mecca and Fahim depicted in the imagery, shot by Woods in New York, sport Saunders’ non-binary clothing, further illustrating the notion that we share similarities in identity both apart and together.
“I thought it would have been really interesting to show a male and female set of twins to really show what Bianca’s clothing does in terms of being genderless,” Woods adds.
Alongside the imagery, Cole penned a series of verses and poems that further reinforces the publication’s theme and deepens the studies into human connections and individuality.
Click here to buy a copy of We Are One of the Same, and here to watch the full panel discussion on SHOWstudio.