Clio Peppiatt – Wild Cats & Fast Woman

Cat Gough
Chloe Newman

She creates collections featuring embroidered scorpions with poised claws, electric blue fur collars and planetary symbols – British womenswear designer Clio Peppiatt creates the kind of clothes to make women feel bold. She spoke to us about femininity and female empowerment in her collections, her major influences and, naturally, her cats.

Can you tell us how you came up with the title for your SS17 collection?
The collection was inspired by Formula One and drag racing, so partly as a result of that. But I also like that a ‘fast’ woman is normally used as a condescending term – I wanted to reinterpret ‘Fast Women’ as something positive, risk taking women.
Why were motor sports and drag racing prominent motifs in this collection?
I like that it’s not normally associated with femininity. For most people, race car driving represents adrenaline and risk – I wanted to celebrate those characteristics in women, I don’t think they’re celebrated enough.
At your shows, there is always a sense of female empowerment within the audience – is this a feeling you strive for?
Of course. They’re clothes for women – it is essential that they make the women that wear them feel good.
How do you feel the types of colours and materials in your clothes have developed in your collections?
I think maybe it’s grown up with me and maybe I’m now reflecting on a slightly tougher femininity. At the same time, I’ve become more conscious of comfort and ease in clothes. I focus a lot on making sure there are garments that feel very easy to wear, really beautiful, but surprisingly comfortable.
Finally, do you own any cats yourself?
I have two cats, Pepe and Moomin. They’re brothers and 1 year old.